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Products and services that nourish the body, mind and spirit

 The Higher Self Book Store is a New Age, New Thought, Metaphysical entity that offers the opportunity for personal growth, healing, enlightenment, knowledge, intuition development, health and well-being, along with gifts & services that support this.

Books, music and gifts for body, mind and spirit.

Higher Self Bookstore is located at 313 E Front St in Traverse City and has been in the business of Book Stores since 1986.


Jeff & Joann Currier

Jeff & Joann Currier

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Jeff and Jo personally use and can attest to the quality and benefits of the natural products and services offered at their store.

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Our Staff

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Our Readers

Gifted indivisuals to help prodivde insight and guidence in compassionate loving ways.


September 2021

Check out what's happening this month It's September and time for the fall equinox, the colors to turn and the return to school-based schedules.  It's that time of year where we find ourselves being pushed into routines.  Here at Higher Self Bookstore we...

Welcome 2020!

Finally, we are past those teenage years!  You all remember what your teenage years were like or those times for your kids.  Yes, we learned a lot, we experimented as we were looking to discover who we are and then emerged in our twenties still a little...

Change Is In The Air

It’s so close now that most people can feel it.  And while they may not understand what it is that they are feeling, it is the shift that is coming in 2020.  Despite that it is 2 months away, the universe is already preparing, moving things around for the...

Summertime in Michigan

We are so blessed to live in this beautiful state, especially this time of year.  The water finally feels warm, the sun is out more than its not, and we have time to enjoy the sand and beaches.  This is the time to rest before the harvest, spend time in nature before...

You Are Worthy

In a number of different ways the feeling, the word, the emotion called “unworthiness” keeps coming up.  As I’ve worked with clients and with Spirit on this feeling, it has been amazing how insidious the emotion of unworthiness may be in our lives.  How many...

Managing & Manipulating Shamanic Energy

Managing & Manipulating EnergyJune 7 – 9, 2019. Midland, MIJuly 12 – 14, 2019. Traverse City, MIwith Jeff Currier. • Friday 6:30p-9p: Welcome! and Introductory Talk – Setting the Stage for the work• Saturday 10a-5p: Managing Your Personal Energy• Sunday 10a-4p:...

Summoning Your Shamanic Power

• Friday 6:30p-9p: Welcome! and Introductory Talk – Setting the Stage for the work Summoning Your Shamanic Power May 10 – 13, 2019. Midland, MI June 14 – 16,2019. Traverse City, MI with Jeff Currier. • Saturday 10a-5p: Unlocking Your Personal Power • Sunday 10a-4p:...

Women’s Retreat – March 2019

Ways To Wellness Women's Retreat - Friday, March 22 - Sunday, March 24 Seeking Your True Purpose, Your Internal, Eternal Self Each of us has a divine role to play, a mission that we were born to accomplish.  All of the yearning and tugging, the confusion and...

Jeff Nixa Jaguar Workshop

Awaken Your Jaguar: The Lost Art of Shamanic Heart Navigation April 12-14th, 2019.  Traverse City, MI with Jeff Nixa JD, MDiv. Friday 7p-9p: Welcome, Introductory talk, book-signing (love donation)Saturday 9a-5p: The Shamanic Heart Path: Ancient Wisdom for...

Saving the Amazon Wildlife

It’s not often we come across something so compelling that we reach out to our community so when we do you know it’s significant.  Many of you are familiar with Jorge Hachumak, the Peruvian healer that makes visits to Michigan.  He has an opportunity to save part of...