Products and Services that nourish the body, mind, and spirit.

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Products and Services that nourish the body, mind, and spirit.

The Higher Self Book Store is a New Age, New Thought, Metaphysical entity that offers the opportunity for personal growth, healing, enlightenment, knowledge, intuition development, health and well-being, along with materials and merchandise that supports one's path, belief system, awakening and rebirth. It is a meeting place, a resource center and a school. But the best way to "really know" something is to experience it. We want people to come here, take their shoes off, stay awhile, get grounded - or get high, naturally. Come experience the Higher Self.

– Jeff & Jo Currier, Owner


Jeff and Jo Currier

Jeff and Jo personally use and can attest to the quality and benefits of the natural products and services offered at their store.

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Here to make your experience Magical !
Zach(Manager), Kafi, Allie, Andi, and Tyler

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Gifted individuals to help provide insight and guidance in a compassionate, loving way.
Kafi, Norma, Traci, Robert, Zach, Marilyn, and Tara

Happy New Year!!!! We welcome 2020, a year of manifesting and being practical about what we do and create. This month at Higher Self Bookstore we hope to provide you practical ways to bring into your life that which you desire – gain guidance and information through our Metaphysical Fair on Jan 18 or by participating in the Warrior Heart Practice workshop with Sandy on Jan 11. Jeff will be showing you how to use the power of the Akashic Records to help manifest your heart’s desire in 2020. Tara will continue her writing class and showing you the universal language that exists through numbers, colors, symbols and more. Jeff, Jo and Zach leave for Tucson to go to the Gem Show there at the end of the month so look for all their new-found treasures in February. From all of us here at Higher Self Bookstore, we are wishing you a year full of things that make your soul sing, and we look forward in being a part of that with you.

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