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Products and Services that nourish the body, mind, and spirit.

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Products and Services that nourish the body, mind, and spirit.

The Higher Self Book Store is a New Age, New Thought, Metaphysical entity that offers the opportunity for personal growth, healing, enlightenment, knowledge, intuition development, health and well-being, along with materials and merchandise that supports one's path, belief system, awakening and rebirth. It is a meeting place, a resource center and a school. But the best way to "really know" something is to experience it. We want people to come here, take their shoes off, stay awhile, get grounded - or get high, naturally. Come experience the Higher Self.

– Jeff & Jo Currier, Owner


Jeff and Jo Currier

Jeff and Jo personally use and can attest to the quality and benefits of the natural products and services offered at their store.

Our Staff

Here to make your experience Magical !
Zach(Manager), Kafi, Madie, Chelsea, Mike (Mixologist)

Our Readers

Gifted individuals to help provide insight and guidance in a compassionate, loving way.
Kafi, Norma, Brandaleen, Robert, Mike, Zach, Marilyn, Lady Beth, Barry White Crow, Mark and Natalie

November, really? It’s hard to believe that October and the fall colors have left us to the gales of November. Here at Higher Self Bookstore, we are ready for whatever comes. This month we welcome back Shirley Southerland the first weekend of the month. We are also grateful to have Dede back with her gifted drumming methods. Jeff & Jo finish the 2018 Reiki training schedule with Advanced Reiki. We are excited about our new class, Make Your Own Pendulum Workshop, where we will create and discover all that pendulums can offer. Finally, we have put out our 2019 Reiki and Shamanic training courses for the year. Check out our Google calendar for the details. In closing, our Higher Self family wishes you the very best moving into the start of the holiday season.

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