Higher Self is now offering “Be Well, Stay Well” Gift Packages for anyone you know who would love to receive a bit of cheer and wellness during this time of Covid-19 sheltering at home.  You choose the gift package that is perfect for the person you’re thinking of then we assemble, decoratively package, and ship it out for you 🙂

We are putting together these Gift Packages with the following themes:  Be Well, Stay Well, Think Well, and Energetic Wellness.  Each package will have 5 different items for a cost of just $20 plus shipping (USPS Small Flat Rate Box $8.30). We also have Cheerful Wellness, that is just $24 plus shipping

We currently have 3 other packages for specific occasions like Floral and Fun for Mother’s Day, celebrate teens with Teens and Tweens or bring balance into your life with the Chakra Balance package.

Brightening someone’s day is simple to do with a gift from Higher Self!

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