Zach Weisbarth

Zach’s astrology readings are a result of years of study and practice, resulting in a truly one of a kind experience. Each session is unique to the client. After a thorough natal chart interpretation Zach offers the option of shamanic divination through the use of oracle cards and shamanic journeying.

A vast majority of western astrology focuses solely on an individual’s sun sign. By exploring in depth all aspects of a person’s birth chart, one can take into account all of the signs and aspects that contribute to that individuals patterns and thought processes. Some people may not resonate with their sun sign at all which could be the result of a strong presence of other elements in their chart. This is why it is beneficial to look at the whole of a birth chart instead of one sign. After all, we are so much more complex than that!

Zach born and raised in Michigan, moved to Traverse City to become a part of the Higher Self family.  His metaphysical studies began with reiki and grew from their. Zach began studying shamanic practices under Jeff Currier in 2016 while avidly studying astrology. Zach combines his knowledge and training of shamanism, astrology, and energy healing to create a space of healing and guidance.

When Zach is not at the Higher Self he enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring northern Michigan.