January 19, 2016

Our Readers

Kafi Gaultier

Tarot Readings
Spirit Counseling

Kafi grew up in a family that didn’t think of spirit as something that was outside of every-day life. It has always has been something that has guided me on my life plan. That journey has showed me that it always comes back to “go to your heart, God is all there is and God is always talking to you.” If something won’t fit in your heart, it is not Gods message for you and that is how she expresses her gift.

What Occurs in a Personal Session

When you meet with Kafi, she is all there. There is nothing that is going on outside of the session. She is there to ensure you get what you need and to bring that through. “I reach through for the highest good of what you require. To help them bring Spirit into your REAL life whatever that may be. Creating the connection that works best for you.”

“My objective is that everyone walks out of there session with their own sense of power and own sense of rightness.” Kafi’s medi-cine is to be what the person requires in that moment.

Gratitude to My Teachers

Kafi’s Angels are always close to her and help provide and make their answers and messages clear and loving throughout her 62 years. Kafi is grateful to her grandmother who taught her truth through discernment and to all the clients that have passed through her doors teaching her as she was in their presence. Their value is priceless.


Marilyn Raffaele

Sacred Rays Healing 
Ancient Art of Divine Grace Healing 
Signature Cell Healing 
Flowing Liquid Light Healing 

Marilyn Raffaele has been a student of mysticism for over 45 years. Her main focus of study through those years has been the Infinite Way teachings of Joel S. Goldsmith, a western mystic.

She has studied and worked with; Quantum Touch, Sacred Rays, Circle of Grace (level  II), the Sacred Teachings of the Mystery Schools  (Adept I & II,Teacher), Ancient Art of Divine Grace, Flowing Liquid Light (level III), Signature Cell Healing (level II), and is a Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Master.

Marilyn’s focus at this time is one on one spiritual instruction and guidance through personal channeled readings.

Norma Zelenkonormazelenko

Intuitive Readings
Tarot Readings
Spirit Guidance

Norma was born in Detroit, Michigan and has been married to John for 31 dynamic years. She has two children and 3 grandchildren. Norma has taught school, was a weather an-chor in Flint and has been blessed to work at Higher Self since 2010.

What Occurs in a Personal Session

I open to spirit and ask for guidance for the person sitting in front of me. If a person is seeking, I am available to help them connect for whatever they need to benefit them.

Guidance for what a person needs most comes through in symbols, words, and visions. I call upon my own experiences in nature and I listen to my guides.

Norma has had people seek her out for over 32 years; when she realized she had a gift to share. It is her joy to do so.

Gratitude to My Teachers

I wish to express gratitude to my dear teach-er, Jo Howicz who has crossed over but is still with me in spirit; as well as to Auntie Helen who showed me how to live. I am grateful to so many of my companions for this lifetime on earth,; as well as to the two Denise’s who have been so important to my path and my journey. ~ Namaste

Tara Pobuda

Divine Tooling Practitioner, Sensitive Medium, Numerology

Welcome! My name is Tara and I have been a reader and practitioner of Metaphysics for most of my life. I have the ability to help you understand your current lessons through a Tarot and Oracle Reading OR we can do a Numerology Reading that determines what situations and lessons you are often encountering through-out your life and how you handle these situations. Both of these readings bring life changing factors in perception along with a motivational adjustment to your upbringing in personal growth. 

Robert Steven

Psychic Spiritual Channeler

Robert Steven is a very gifted Psychic Spiritual Channeler. His readings are spiritually guided and deeply intuitive. His specialties include Medium, Remote Viewing and Past Lives revelations. We are so blessed that Robert is once again here doing readings and helping those that are called to work with him.

Zachary Allen Weisbarth

Shamanic Astrology Readings

Reiki Healing

Shamanic Astrology is a tool we can use like a map to help guide us on a quest for a fulfilling life. It looks at all the astrological signs as equal and valued paths to enlightenment. “Drawing from ancient and progressive schools of astrology, we will take a look at the position of the inner planets to create a personal astrological Mandala that will bring clarity to the eternal question, “who am i?” 

Allie Windon

Medical Massage

Reiki Healing

Using integrative techniques of Medical and Therapeutic Massage Therapy as well as other modalities, Allie is able to provide a unique treatment based on individual patient needs. Her intent as a Medical Massage Therapist is to facilitate healing within the body for optimal comfort and wellness for each client!


Medical Massage is a form of therapy that uses hands-on techniques to provide treatment of specific issues with the goal to increase function, range of motion and decrease pain within the body.

Regular massage sessions provide so many benefits to the human body! When we experience stress, our body’s ability to naturally protect itself against infections, pathogens, and bacteria becomes compromised. Massage therapy helps reduce stress keeping the immune system strong and resilient. Massage therapy reduces blood pressure, boosts energy levels, and stimulates healing on many physical as well as emotional levels.

Allie is also educated in Therapeutic and Medical use of Essential Oils and is an Advanced Reiki Practitioner.