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Kafi grew up in a family that didn’t think of spirit as something that was outside of every-day life. It has always has been something that has guided me on my life plan. That journey has showed me that it always comes back to “go to your heart, God is all there is and God is always talking to you.” If something won’t fit in your heart, it is not Gods message for you and that is how she expresses her gift.

What Occurs in a Personal Session

When you meet with Kafi, she is all there. There is nothing that is going on outside of the session. She is there to ensure you get what you need and to bring that through. “I reach through for the highest good of what you require. To help them bring Spirit into your REAL life whatever that may be. Creating the connection that works best for you.”

“My objective is that everyone walks out of there session with their own sense of power and own sense of rightness.” Kafi’s medi-cine is to be what the person requires in that moment.

Gratitude to My Teachers

Kafi’s Angels are always close to her and help provide and make their answers and messages clear and loving throughout her 62 years. Kafi is grateful to her grandmother who taught her truth through discernment and to all the clients that have passed through her doors teaching her as she was in their presence. Their value is priceless.


Zachary Allen Weisbarth

Zachary Allen Weisbarth

Shamanic Astrology Readings, Reiki Healing

Shamanic Astrology is a tool we can use like a map to help guide us on a quest for a fulfilling life. It looks at all the astrological signs as equal and valued paths to enlightenment. “Drawing from ancient and progressive schools of astrology, we will take a look at the position of the inner planets to create a personal astrological Mandala that will bring clarity to the eternal question, “who am i?” 

Zach’s astrology readings are a result of years of study and practice, resulting in a truly one of a kind experience. Each session is unique to the client. After a thorough natal chart interpretation Zach offers the option of shamanic divination through the use of oracle cards and shamanic journeying.

A vast majority of western astrology focuses solely on an individual’s sun sign. By exploring in depth all aspects of a person’s birth chart, one can take into account all of the signs and aspects that contribute to that individuals patterns and thought processes. Some people may not resonate with their sun sign at all which could be the result of a strong presence of other elements in their chart. This is why it is beneficial to look at the whole of a birth chart instead of one sign. After all, we are so much more complex than that!

Zach born and raised in Michigan, moved to Traverse City to become a part of the Higher Self family.  His metaphysical studies began with reiki and grew from their. Zach began studying shamanic practices under Jeff Currier in 2016 while avidly studying astrology. Zach combines his knowledge and training of shamanism, astrology, and energy healing to create a space of healing and guidance.

When Zach is not at the Higher Self he enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring northern Michigan.



Inuitive Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing with Nicole is available every Monday.

Nicole Dykstra Since 2008 Nicole has been a dedicated spiritual seeker, exploring and working with clients across many modalities. She is experienced with astrology, hypnotherapy, past life regressions, life-between-lives sessions, divination readings, creating guided meditations, intuitive energy healing, channeling, Reiki, shamanic journeying, manifesting, and helping others open to their own spiritual gifts. Nicole has a presence that feels trustworthy and very encouraging. In sessions, she is communicative and enjoys passing on any information she receives on behalf of the client. This open dialogue during sessions has resulted in very deep and thoughtful healing experiences. Outside of spiritual pursuits, she is a happily married homeschooling mom of one, likes playing with her miniature poodle named Fuzz, and enjoys sharing the beauty of northern Michigan with family and friends.



Tarot Reader

Susan is available for tarot readings every Monday and Wednesday.
Susan is a member and active student in the Richard Knight Psychic Academy and Tarot Academy.  Experience in healing modalities and Mediumship.  Would love to share the TAROT with you.  



Aura Healing/Past Life Readings

Julie is available for appointments every Tuesday.
Julie is a graduate from the Berkeley Psychic Institute. She is a certified Clinical EFT (Tapping) professional trained in Past Life Tapping. She uses the Law of Attraction to have a deeper understanding of our lives and empowers clients with their potential to make the changes they are seeking. “My greatest joy is to combine my tools and gifts to help connect clients to the magnificence of their Higher Self, so they can live in joyful alignment with their highest good, the purpose of their soul, and the well-being of our sacred planet.”




Reiki Master Practioner

Lindsay is available for reiki or crystal reiki ever Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday.