Norma Zelenko


Norma Zelenkonormazelenko

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Spirit Guidance

Norma was born in Detroit, Michigan and has been married to John for 31 dynamic years. She has two children and 3 grandchildren. Norma has taught school, was a weather an-chor in Flint and has been blessed to work at Higher Self since 2010.

What Occurs in a Personal Session

I open to spirit and ask for guidance for the person sitting in front of me. If a person is seeking, I am available to help them connect for whatever they need to benefit them.

Guidance for what a person needs most comes through in symbols, words, and visions. I call upon my own experiences in nature and I listen to my guides.

Norma has had people seek her out for over 32 years; when she realized she had a gift to share. It is her joy to do so.

Gratitude to My Teachers

I wish to express gratitude to my dear teach-er, Jo Howicz who has crossed over but is still with me in spirit; as well as to Auntie Helen who showed me how to live. I am grateful to so many of my companions for this lifetime on earth,; as well as to the two Denise’s who have been so important to my path and my journey. ~ Namaste