Change and Transitions

Planets in retrograde, lunar eclipses and instability in the world!  There is a lot of change and transition happening to all of us and it can be scary and overwhelming.  I recently heard a talk by a Shamanic Healer, Mona Delfino, and she had this wonderful quote:  “Change the fear of the unknown into curiosity”. […]

Capacity For Change

What is your “capacity for change”? In part, this is measurable by looking at your first emotional response when a change occurs. Are you excited? Are you fearful? Do you feel the need to control? The concept of change is inevitable. We welcome changes such as the changing of the seasons, the changing that comes[…]

Your Window

It’s all about perspective sometimes, at least that’s what we are suggesting this month.  As we look around at the world, our country, our community, and our family, we can easily get caught up in what we “see”, and getting caught up in that egocentric view impacts us emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  As we are[…]

December Newsletter

   Spiritual Inspirer December 2017   313 E Front St          |         Traverse City, MI 49684        |        (231) 941-5805 Greetings & Blessings from Higher Self   December !!!  Snowfall blankets the landscape, Winter Solstice brings the longest night of the year, and the holidays abound with[…]


What is it that makes this time of year so much more pleasant for most?  Did you know that there are over 100 songs that are played just for the holiday  season from all spiritual paths that contain the word “Joy” in them?  It’s no wonder that we seem to be more tolerant, a little[…]