Finally, we are past those teenage years!  You all remember what your teenage years were like or those times for your kids.  Yes, we learned a lot, we experimented as we were looking to discover who we are and then emerged in our twenties still a little inexperienced but with a better sense of clarity and direction.  This is similar to the energy that 2020 will bring into our lives this year.  It’s a 4 year so that suggests it will be a year of building, of being practical, of applying what we’ve learned.  It will help show you how to rise above the challenges that you’ve been facing in a way that feels right to you.  The transition won’t be easy though as astrologically there are a whole lot of planets lining up in Capricorn.  This is the space of institutions, rules, organization.  So expect that the things that no longer serve you or the world will go through some major upheavals – yes we can expect more change as we shed the stuff that isn’t for our highest good even if we don’t see that in the moment.  By keeping the mantra “Letting Go” first and foremost in your mind and not taking things personally, you can help ease these transitions as you move towards that higher ground.  2020 is also a year of manifesting!  But be forewarned — be very clear in what you desire to manifest and don’t limit yourself.  The universe has so much to offer you, so as you set your intentions, we suggest adding the phrase “May it be this or so much more” releasing any limitations we may unintentionally place on ourselves.   Higher Self Bookstore we are excited for all the new energy that will be coming in, and we look forward to be, here in service to you as you follow your heart’s desire.

The New Year is a time during which many make resolutions for some change in their lives but this year is going to be more expansive than ordinary New Year resolutions. Each day more people are realizing that some perfectly acceptable actions, thoughts, words, concepts and beliefs simply no longer resonate with them in the same way.