It’s so close now that most people can feel it.  And while they may not understand what it is that they are feeling, it is the shift that is coming in 2020.  Despite that it is 2 months away, the universe is already preparing, moving things around for the coming change.  You may already be seeing this in your life.  Hopes, dreams and inspirations that you’ve been holding on to are suddenly moving forward.  Things that you felt were dear are now losing their shine, pushing you to evolve.  You may find that the more you or those that you watch push this energy away the more difficult life becomes.  Swimming upstream can be exhaustive but when we surrender and move with the flow and current of life, we can begin to navigate around the large boulders in our way finding a path to smoother water.  So, the next time you feel overwhelmed, unsure and anxious we encourage you to look at the areas in your life where you seem to be pushing a rope.  This is your ego continuing to hold on to something that is no longer beneficial for you, even if it felt it had been beneficial in the past.  Acknowledge the ego’s fears and hold its hand as you both jump into the flow of what your heart and soul desire