We are so blessed to live in this beautiful state, especially this time of year.  The water finally feels warm, the sun is out more than its not, and we have time to enjoy the sand and beaches.  This is the time to rest before the harvest, spend time in nature before our busy schedules once again get in the way and give ourselves the gift of maturing into all that we’ve created.  Our beautiful sunsets on the lakes create a divine pathway to connect with Spirit.  As you see that shaft of light shine across the lake near sunset, use it to take your dreams and wishes straight to that solar spiritual energy to become transformed into creation.  It’s also a great way to send gratitude for all that you’ve learned and been through, for the growth that has come your way – blessing those that were the messengers of all that we received.  In this way we can find that inner peace we long to enjoy after all we have endured.  Use this time to celebrate, relax, and recharge, and as you do, that light in your soul will shine brighter.