Managing & Manipulating Shamanic Energy

Managing & Manipulating Energy
June 7 – 9, 2019. Midland, MI
July 12 – 14, 2019. Traverse City, MI
with Jeff Currier.

• Friday 6:30p-9p: Welcome! and Introductory Talk – Setting the Stage for the work
• Saturday 10a-5p: Managing Your Personal Energy
• Sunday 10a-4p: Manipulating Energy Compassionately


In this weekend workshop, we will take a deep look at managing and manipulating personal energy, the energy of others, and spaces. You will gain a personal sense of empowerment through the conscious use of energy in an empowering and new way using shamanic concepts and methodologies.Investment: $200

On Saturday in this daylong workshop, we will explore the various ways that our personal energy can be taken or given away, both consciously and unconsciously. We will look at everything including relationships, conflict, protection, and being empathic. I’ll provide ways to identify when your energy is being zapped and methods and tools that can prevent this from happening. You will also learn ways to recover your energy once this has occurred. We will explore energy strands, or cords, that connect us to all things and all people. Energetically we have these USB ports all over our energy body. These are healthy and needed so that we can connect to all that is around us. At times we lose discernment, or we allow, through the loss of power, connections that aren’t for our highest good which may lead to unhealthy issues in our life. We will learn how to recognize healthy and unhealthy energetic connections. Using shamanic tools, you will experience and learn techniques to remove unhealthy connections and what you can do to “protect” yourself from obtaining unhealthy connections in the future.

On Sunday in this daylong workshop, we will learn and practice tools and techniques to clear the energy of yourself and of others. We will meet spirit allies who will help clear our energy fields and other limits that we have unconsciously placed upon ourselves, managing the energy ports in our bodies. We will learn how to change the energy of objects and places, raising the vibration and alignment. You will experience and learn techniques to remove unhealthy connections and what you can do to “protect” yourself from obtaining unhealthy connections in the future. We will then combine the concepts of power and energy to develop grounding techniques that will aid you as you move along the path that is for your highest good and in alignment with the will of your soul. 

Learnings from this weekend program will include:
• A new way to see and deal with conflict without disempowering ourselves or others.
• A new perspective on what it means to be an Empath and how that relates to your personal energy.
• Managing and maintaining your energetic USB ports in your energy body in a healthy manner.
• Meet spirit allies that will aid in removing energies that aren’t part of your soul energy.
• Recognize and practice healthy feelings and unhealthy emotions.
• How to do energy clearing of spaces and objects.
• How to manage your personal energy.
• What is soul loss and how to reclaim your lost parts.
• What is soul hiding and how to use it.

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