Saving the Amazon Wildlife

(Original foundation of Don Pablo’s ancestral home)

It’s not often we come across something so compelling that we reach out to our community so when we do you know it’s significant.  Many of you are familiar with Jorge Hachumak, the Peruvian healer that makes visits to Michigan.  He has an opportunity to save part of the amazon forest and set up an animal sanctuary to help the indigenous people of the area live life like their ancestors without having to join big companies to make a living.  We’ve set up a GoFundMe account to help provide the financial support to save this part of the jungle and to bring into reality the Animal Sanctuary. ( With your assistance, this beautiful piece of land can become the basis of a conservation and educational center that nourishes entire families and allows them to continue to coexist with their unique environment. Directly on the Amazon River, a pristine and unique jungle plateau has been continuously owned and occupied for more than a hundred years by residents of the local village.

(Original foundation of Don Pablo’s ancestral home)


The present owner of the plateau, Don Pablo, is now in his 70s and recently suffered the loss of his wife and son. In order to move closer to his remaining family, he must now sell his family’s property. Unfortunately, Don Pablo’s village and the land these families occupy are currently under siege from a large agri-business that shows little interest in the community’s long-term future or preserving the rare and valuable Amazonian species native to the region. These plants and animals rely on a delicate balance they have shared with the local communities for thousands of years. A large stand of aguaje trees on the land produce a fruit upon which hundreds of species depend.  Jorge is known for his efforts to rehabilitate and repopulate many of the native plant and animal species.  His healing center borders Don Pablo’s land, and it is Don Pablo’s deepest wish that his plateau land be entrusted to Jorge’s care. With your help, the land will become part of his vision to empower village families to invest their time and energy in sustainable, small-scale cultivation practices to supplement their traditional subsistence way of life.  By first implementing these practices on his own land, Jorge can directly employ more people from the local community and also provide education and training for the families in the surrounding communities in the same practices.

We hope you are able and guided to help contribute to make this a reality.

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