Change and Transitions

Planets in retrograde, lunar eclipses and instability in the world!  There is a lot of change and transition happening to all of us and it can be scary and overwhelming.  I recently heard a talk by a Shamanic Healer, Mona Delfino, and she had this wonderful quote:  “Change the fear of the unknown into curiosity”.  As you reflect upon this you may begin to see the true power in what she is suggesting.  With all the change and transitions, what we could once count upon seems to be unstable and there is a lot of unknown.  If we can successfully face the unknown with curiosity it can give us a completely different perspective on our lives and our situations.  So how we do we do this?  Start with your breath.  Breath is the connection to Spirit, breath brings us closer to who we really are.  Three deep breaths, breathing in with your diaphragm (not chest) for a count of three or four and breathing out for a count of three or four, will allow you to move past that fear and transmute it into curiosity. When we breathe like this we connect to spirit, and it calms our nervous system.  When our nervous system is calm our bodies don’t have to react, and they can be in a place of observation so that we have a chance to respond in a purposeful and conscious way.  This is how we can dream a new dream, create a new reality, and embrace curiosity for the unknown.  Be Fearless – Breathe and Connect!    Jeff

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