What is your “capacity for change”? In part, this is measurable by looking at your first emotional response when a change occurs. Are you excited? Are you fearful? Do you feel the need to control? The concept of change is inevitable. We welcome changes such as the changing of the seasons, the changing that comes with growth such as watching children move from childhood into adolescence and finally into adulthood. This month at the HS we will be moving through several changes. We are excited and very happy for both Madie and Chelsea. They are both moving to further their career goals in their chosen areas of vocation. We will still be working closely with them as collaborators and can’t wait to see what they create in the future! We will also be saying farewell to Rodasi as a weekly face and reader at Higher Self. She will continue to share her talents and gifts through teaching classes, special events, and our metaphysical fairs.


Welcome then to Allie Windon, who will be taking the position of our assistant manager! We are excited about the gifts, talents, and strengths that she will bring to HIgher Self Bookstore. We also welcome the return of Paula Woods as our massage therapist for the summer. Paula will be available for appointments from open to close every Monday.


So you might think that losing almost 50% of your staff in a couple of weeks would be scary. But here at Higher Self we know that the universe brings change for a reason and everybody grows as a result of it, so we set aside the fear of uncertainty and embrace all the benefits that change can bring. So while we cannot stop or control change, we can change how we respond. Moving from a place of reactivity into a space of responsiveness allows the emotional response that you feel to gently increase your “capacity for change” in a positive way.



Jeff & Jo