It is time to observe the transition of Mother Earth and to release our minds from birth to

death to birth again as we celebrate Samhain.  We refresh our homes and our souls as
we end this year and we welcome the next.  Even as we prepare for peaceful winter nights,
we rejoice in the return of the life-sustaining Sun.  And we listen to Her music without fear as
the Mother gives birth to eternity.

We light the fires to celebrate the final harvest as we repeat ancient rituals of ending and
of death. We celebrate the joy ahead in new birth as we walk the wheel of each year and  show respect for the timing and the blessings of our home planet.  We bless the bounty
of Mother Earth as we put away only that which we need to sustain ourselves until  the return of spring .

To each season we give gratitude; to each part of Mother Earth we send our prayers; and to each human we encounter as a child of Mother Earth, we extend our blessings.

And as always, we are both exalted and at peace, as we remember to listen to the music of a new beginning and the release of fear.   Rejoice!  Blessings… Norma