Funny how the sun is the source of heat which allows us to exist on this planet, and
yet with too much sun, we die.

That life-giving sun allows the crops to grow which feed us. With too much sun, the crops die.
With the help of the sun, the Circadian rhythms help regulate the internal clocks of not only
our bodies, but also the budding of the trees and the chirping of the frogs, and even
the basic fungi which we don’t think about, until it doesn’t do its job.

And whether you are an early bird or a night owl, the joy of seeing the sun after a month
of rainy Tuesdays, is great joy indeed.  And since humans have always worshipped the
life-giving force of the sun, an acceptable cultural explanation had to be given when the sun
disappeared, as it will this month.

The sun could be devoured by a giant frog, or eaten by a wolf or stolen by a God jealous
of the light.  Or maybe a pack of dogs try to steal the sun.  Perhaps it was a great bear that
bit the sun. But all people, whose records we have found, have had a relationship with the sun.
And as a life-giving deity that certainly makes sense.  Even though our brains have
unlocked some of the mysteries of the universe, the sun is still a pure force of nature, and as
children of the sun, so are we.

The sun is life-force, radiating its life-nourishing glory.  The sun reminds us to celebrate
ourselves and radiate our own life sustaining power and shed a little glow of glory
to all those with whom we come in contact.  The disappearance of the sun also reminds
us that our peaks are sometimes defined by our valleys.  So just show up, do your job, and allow
yourself to shine a little every day.

Stay faithful to the glory of the sun and honor its life-giving properties and shine until
you die.  You are here now, stand up and shine.

The whole world is ready to set their clocks and stand ready to witness as the sun gets taken from
our sight for a scary and powerful moment.  All of us, whether crowded around a TV or peeking at our
phone or standing along the sides of the road from Columbia, South Carolina to Madras, Oregon on
August 21, 2017 can stand witness to this celestial event.  Be there.