Spring is in the air and its winds of change have had a profound effect on the bookstore. The torch of ownership at the Higher Self has officially now been passed from the hands of Jeff and Jo Currier to Zach and Andria Weisbarth. Zach and Andi would like to express their deepest gratitude to Jeff and Jo for their mentorship. Continuing with our theme of spring renewal and rebirth, we would like to next direct your attention to the introduction of our new service providers here at the bookstore.  Nicole Dykstra (Monday), Julie Chai (Tuesday), and Lindsay Trujillo (Sunday, Monday, & Wednesday) are now going to be available for appointments at Higher Self. Our resident astrologer and Reiki Master practitioner, Zachary Weisbarth, will now also be offering Private Herbalism Lessons at the store. Zach would like to remind everyone that from now until the month of May all of his services are being offered at a discounted rate ($1 per minute).  Please scroll down to learn more about our new readers and their offerings.

May is gifting us a bouquet of guest appearances beginning with Wendy Fournier who is making here second appearance at Higher Self, this time she will be doing a live art demonstration during the Downtown Art Walk on Friday March 3rd. Kathleen Sherman will be with us on Friday May 3rd & Saturday the 4th offering Medical Intuitive Consultations (there is still time to book a session and there are only a few spots left), Courtney Miller will be hosting Group Biofield Tuning – Manifestation Mondays (Biofield Tuning at group rates!), Pat Ruta McGhan will be here Saturday May 18 offering Eden Energy Medicine Sessions, Foot Reflexology Sessions, and Ear Seeding (Please feel free to stop by the store and talk to Pat about all of her offerings she is a fountain of knowledge), Dan and Lindsay Walter are hosting a Cacao Ceremony accompanied by 9DBreathwork Journey on the 19th (Stop by on the 18th for a Dew Breathwork sample session), Allie Graham will be here on the 25th and 26th offering Astrology Readings & QHHT sessions, all before we welcome back Wendy Fournier this time with her sister Brenda Tringali to kick off whats going to be a spirit filled weekend with “Messages From The Universe” (Wendy and Brenda the sisters of ‘Indigo Doors’ will be offering their services on June 1st & 2nd as well).