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It’s September and time for the fall equinox, the colors to turn and the return to school-based schedules.  It’s that time of year where we find ourselves being pushed into routines.  Here at Higher Self Bookstore we have all sorts of ‘ways’ to help you get out of the routines and into the present moment, that state of peace and calm.   It’s also the time that Jo & Jeff get back to teaching starting with Holy Fire® Reiki 1& 2.  Jeff will be offering the first in the fall series of Shamanic courses, this one focusing on Death & Dying – a topic that can be enriching and empowering for yourself and your loved ones.  We welcome special guest Kathleen Sherman as she holds Medical/Quantum Intuitive Sessions.  We also have all our normal monthly offerings.  September also means the Denver Gem Show so watch for all the wonderful treasures that we bring back.

Please check out the details on all that is happening this month below.
We hope you enjoy all that we are bringing to you and that this month is filled with health, hope, and happiness…