Brandaleen Johnson

Spirit flows through Brandaleen as a medium to guide you into perfect alignment with your path.  Through intuitive mediumship, spiritual consult and her expertise in the law of attraction, Brandaleen’s mission is to guide others to awaken their gifts, align with their soul’s purpose and ignite their world changing lives and businesses.
Leave the guesswork out and hear what your spiritual team needs you to know today! Walk-in or phone sessions welcome. (do you want to say something about the phone readings?)
Brandaleen stepped into her divine life purpose to help make an impact in our world after leaving an over 16-year career as a marketing specialist in Corporate America.  Now known as a law of attraction junkie, nature loving, rule breaking, author, medium, coach, educator, and lifestyle entrepreneur she helps others awaken to their divine gifts, align them with their Soul’s purpose and ignite their world changing lives and businesses.
Brandaleen’s services and courses are available world wide through her website or you can connect with her locally in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan by visiting the Higher Self Bookstore.