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Upcoming Classes & Events– May 2017

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Community Meditation & Satsang

Every Tuesday in May 2017, 7pm – 8:30pm with Higher Self Staff

Traverse City Community Meditation & Satsang. Join your local community members for a free meditation class. Suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators, this class is open to people of all backgrounds and traditions. Class will start with a brief introduction to meditation, what it is, and how to meditate. After meditation, there will be time for spiritual Q&A (also known as “satsang” which means spiritual discourse or sacred gathering).  Just drop in…  Feel free to bring friends!  All are welcome! FREE community event.


Gardening Organically with the Moon & Nature Cycles

Saturday, May 6th, 10am – 12pm with Natalie Cooney

We will be exploring Biodynamic organic gardening concepts and how planting in harmony with the cycles of nature (moon and sun cycles) can revitalize your existing gardens, improve plant growth/yields, plants are more naturally resistant to pests and diseases, intensify flavors of produce, produce more vibrant colors of flowers/fruits/vegetables and understanding what plants thrive naturally with minimal work ,cost and intervention. Cost: $25

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Understanding Our Dreams for Personal Growth and Insight Part 1

Saturdays, May 6, 20, June 3, 10, 1:30pm – 3:30pm with Julie Chai

Have you always wondered what your dreams are trying to tell you?

Most of us take our dreams much too literally. In doing so, we miss the deeper meaning. If it is true that dreams are messengers of the soul, and not just what we ate for dinner, then they are important to our well-being and we might be wise to listen to them. This workshop will help you learn to honor your dreams and listen to the messages of your soul. Participants will be guided in understanding their dreams as metaphor and in exploring the dreams of others using the “if it were my dream” technique. Come with an open mind and bring your dreams (old or new) and a dream journal. Be ready to “follow your dreams into greater self-awareness and compassion.”  4 week course, cost: $20 each week, $80 total

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Homeopathy – How it Works and First Aid Tips for Beginners

Sunday, May 7th, 1pm – 3pm with Lucy Balch

Learn how to heal quickly after burns, bruises, cuts, and sprains with the help of homeopathic first aid. Also hear a little about the history of homeopathy, and how it provides help in healing almost anything. Trouble sleeping? Homeopathy can help. Your child is having difficulty in school? Homeopathy can help. You have problems with digestion? Homeopathy can help. The bottom line is that the correct homeopathic remedy will guide the body to heal itself in a powerful yet gentle way Cost: $20

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Reiki Share

Monday, May 8, 7pm – 8:30pm with Higher Self Staff

Reiki Share We hold a Reiki Share at Higher Self the second Monday of every month. Our Reiki Share is open to everyone…those who are curious and want to experience Reiki… those that have experienced the joy and healing of Reiki…and those who are practitioners of Reiki at any level. Reiki Shares are offered at no cost, although donations are accepted in any way you feel guided – all donations are given to local community charities. Cost: Free —Benefit: Priceless. Just drop in… Feel free to bring friends!


Yogatry and Yoga Therapy

Tuesday, May 9, 10:00am – 11:30pm with Natalie Cooney

Your own unique voice is your poetry. Come nourish your spirit, mind and body ; awaken to your own unique creativity.  In this interactive Enlightened Living Circle, we will explore how Yoga, poetry and Sehaja meditation can be doorways to awaken your own unique authentic creativity and learn new tools for caring for your spirit, mind and body during your own creative process.  Cost: $25

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Become Your Own Astrologer

A 5 Week Series Wednesdays May 10, 17, 24, 31 and June 7th from 6:30-9:00

Drawing on observations from many different astrological traditions Zach Weisbarth will be providing you the information you need to become your own astrologer.  This is a beginner’s course that will introduce you to the meaning and interpretation of the signs, houses, planets, luminaries and the natal chart.  During the course you will analyze your own chart gaining a better understanding of yourself, while gaining the ability to do this for others.  No Experience is required!  Cost: $100

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Parent/Child Mediation Workshop (Child Ages 8 – 12)

Saturday, May 13th, Two sessions offered:  Choose either (10:00-11:30 a.m.) or (1:00-2:30 p.m.)

While stress is a normal occurrence that happens throughout the lifespan, research is pointing to the fact that children today are experiencing stress at new levels.  With regular practice, research has also shown that meditation can have several beneficial effects on our children’s emotional, mental and intellectual development; teaching children how to relate to and navigate their way through a stressful world in healthy and effective ways. This workshop provides a space for parents and children to explore and learn together about Vipassana mediation along with other meditation techniques that are both engaging and practical for children.  A little bit of teaching and a lot of exploring and practicing; participants will walk away with an introduction to meditation and guidance in how to bring meditation practices into the home and into everyday life situations.  Facilitated by clinical social worker, yoga and mindfulness teacher, Jen Rapanos.  Owner of Well-Bean Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Programs.  Cost: $30 Parent/Child.  $10/for each additional person.

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Moonology – Workin with Magical Lunar Cycles

Sunday, May 14th, 12:30pm – 4:30 pm with Natalie Cooney

This interactive Enlightened Living Circle is for those wishing to consciously co-create their lives, have deeper understanding of the Moon’s 8 magical phases and how aligning your life activities within them can improve and empower every aspect of your life!  You will learn how to use the Moon /phases as a self-care guide and planner along your life’s journey.  Cost: $25

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Health Recovery – Gentle Chair Yoga

Friday, May 19, 12:30pm – 2:30 with Natalie Cooney

This is a very gentle restorative Yoga Therapy infused with a health recovery Qi Gong sequence; this class is very beneficial for those with weaker bodies, illness recovery, aging, and chronic illness. Instead of a regular yoga practice, this practice is completed seated and you will be gently guided through simple stretches for the whole body with a mindfulness approach.  Cost: $15

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Magical Housekeeping – Simple Charms create Harmony

Saturday, May 20th, 27th, June 3rd 10:00am – 12:30 pm with Natalie Cooney

In this 3 week interactive Enlightened Living Circle we will reveal ways your home can be a powerful magical catalyst for personal, spiritual transformation and manifestation. You will learn simple, whimsical ways to create a harmonious home while enhancing your own happiness, intuition and magical powers.

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Using Essential Oils

Saturday, May 20th, 2pm – 4pm with Mike Currier

The interest, importance, and awareness of the benefits of essential oils is growing. In this class you’ll learn the basics of using essential oils in a practical way so that you feel confident selecting what you need for your daily life, well-being, and health for yourself and your family members. Mike will share with you the resources and simple techniques that have been learned over the years to make Essential Oils a natural “go-to”.  Essential oils will become your new best friend 🙂  This class is so much more than just “Aromatherapy”;  And…you’ll take home your own custom essential oil blend!  Cost: $20.

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The Permaculture Path: A Nature – Based Culture

Sunday, May 21th, 12:30pm – 2:00 pm with Levi Meeuwenburg

This introduction to Permaculture will provide you with an overview of what Permaculture is, why we practice it, and how we all benefit by applying it in our lives. Permaculture is not just for farmers or folks who own and manage land. It’s for anyone who cares about their heath, and the health of our living world.  Permaculture is a movement, a design science, and a life philosophy. Our aim is to create a world in which human civilization exists in a harmonious and beneficial relationship with the rest of the living natural world. This is achieved by observation of nature’s systems and patterns, the discoveries of modern sciences like biology and ecology, as well as the traditions of ancient cultures. The lessons gained from this study are then applied in our everyday lives, our local communities, and surrounding landscapes. The end result is a culture of wholeness that appreciates and nurtures the intimately connected web of relationships that we are embedded in.   Free Event

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Journey Circle

Monday, May 22, 7pm – 8:30pm with Jeff Currier

Journey Circle – Connect to All That Is the fourth Monday of each month.  Journeying is an ancient technique to connect with spirit for healing and direct revelation. Journeying allows you to connect to the past, present, and future for personal and community healing as well as for healing the earth. When we gather as a group the effect and impact is much more powerful and profound. You must be trained in how to Journey to participate. If you have any questions about your ability to participate, please call and talk to Jeff.  FREE community event.


Creative Empowerment

Tuesday, May 23, 11:00am – 1:00pm with Natalie Cooney

This Enlightened Living Circle is designed to get your creative juices flowing and moving towards a more creatively empowered life. Each month, new inspirational lessons are designed to inspire creative action, identify creative strengths, increase self- confidence and awaken your own authentic artistic expression. Cost: $25

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Ending Insomnia

Thursday, May 25, 6:30 – 8:30pm with Jo Currier

Unable to fall asleep at night or stay asleep?  Sleep deprivation creates chronic health issues, leads to impaired cognitive thinking, weight gain, loss of emotional and physical interests, and induces premature aging.  Jo will offer insights and techniques to optimize your sleep duration and quality.  Come prepared to learn not only how to Think well… Live well… Be well… but to Rest well…  😉   Cost:  $20

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 Looking Ahead to June:


 Vision Board Workshop

Friday, June 2nd, 12:00pm – 5:00pm with Leslie Hamp

Leslie Hamp, Creative Catalyst, works with women & men trying to get a BIG goal off the ground. Some are entrepreneurs, some are leaders and some are moving on from a career/business, relationship or lifestyle that’s no longer speaking to them. All are ready for something different, something more and turn to coaching for clarity and support as they navigate the path of change. Leslie’s coaching techniques layered with her positive energy, passion perspective and accountability systems help clients rejuvenate an old idea or add heart and soul to a fresh one.

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Metaphysical Fair

Saturday, June 17th, 10:00am – 6:00pm

Save the Date!  Our first summer metaphysical fair is a sure way to kick off this wonderful time of the year by having access to many different intuitive people.  Watch for a complete list of participants as June gets closer.


Shamanic Methods – Soul Retrieval 1

Sunday, June 18th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm with Jeff Currier

Join Jeff as he introduces you to and takes you through the first class in this 3-part series on how to do Shamanic Soul Retrievals.  You’ve heard about these practices and maybe read about them.  Jeff will explain the process and guide you through the ways in which you discover how to do soul retrievals for those in need.  Cost: $60

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Shamanic Methods – Soul Retrieval 2

Sunday, June 25th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm with Jeff Currier

Join Jeff as he takes you through the second class in a 3-part series on how to do Shamanic Soul Retrievals. (See above description.) Pre-requisite:  Soul Retrieval 1.  Cost: $60

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